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We’ll be the first to admit it: being a grown up is hard. Between juggling the realities of work, relationships, and external responsibilities, we yearn for time to replenish our energy, and indulge in our future dreams and aspirations.

Kin North immersive experiences and retreats are about creating the necessary space to reflect, reconnect, and restore the balance in your life.

This is your opportunity to detach from your smartphones, your to-dos and your over-scheduled calendars. No demands, no obligations, no deadlines and absolutely no hustling.

Workshops & Retreats

We collaborate with highly experienced teachers, healers and coaches to create a mix of events focussed on intentional movement, creative activities, inspiring adventures or personal development. Our workshops will help create foundational practices for a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our retreats provide the time and space to slow down, reflect deeply and connect with yourself and others.

OCTOBER 20 - Mindful Illustration Workshop


Two young women walking up the stairs to an event

Community Gatherings

Our community gatherings are the perfect time to step away from your devices and connect with likeminded individuals over a shared activity or conversation. More social in nature, these are a great way to meet new faces or catch up with your friends in a community environment.

SEPTEMBER 25 - Natural Wine Happy Hour Brunswick.